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The Bible is the first and only book to record all the Principles essential for business, navigating the economy and investing. Everything you need to know about business is in the Bible waiting to be discovered.

That’s why we created the Business Bible filled with articles, case studies and exclusive videos that highlight the Principles and reveal God’s Plan for your business. 

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Founder’s Story

Nicholas started his first hedge fund at the age of 40 and then the global financial crisis began. The stock market crashed, the economy entered the great recession, financial institutions went bankrupt, and people lost their jobs and life’s savings. Firms like AIG, Goldman Sachs, Merrill were at the heart of the crisis and Nicholas did business with all of them. 

With firsthand knowledge of the crisis, he searched for answers. Just like most people, Nicholas did not know what the Bible said about business. But everything he hoped to learn in business and on Wall Street was right there, hiding in in plain view. You simply need to know where to look. And that’s exactly what he did.

Using a disciplined process from investment research, he searched the Bible and discovered the Principles to do business and achieve success. The Principles are everywhere, and he began recording them on post-its, in documents and spreadsheets. He discovered we are created to work, how to navigate the economy, the power to create wealth and invest successfully. 

According to Nicholas, the Bible is about work from beginning to end, reveals how to succeed in business, achieve exponential investment returns and live generously. And that’s why Nicholas founded the 1st of its kind Business Bible— 

Everyone wants to be successful, earn a good living, and discover their ultimate purpose. The Business Bible will help you become a better business person, create wealth, and live generously. If you follow one of the Principles, your work will be changed; if you follow them all, your life and career will be transformed! 

You might expect Nicholas to be Wall Street’s theologian given his degrees in business and theology. But he had to earn his way, learning as an investor and hedge fund manager for twenty-five years. He overcame enormous career and personal challenges, all of which prepared him to fulfill his life’s calling to create the Business Bible.